ACO Marine Unveils The New ACO PowerVAC

ACO Marine, a leading supplier of wastewater treatment solutions to the global maritime industry, has developed and introduced the ACO PowerVAC, a vacuum pumping unit that forms the centrepiece of ACO Marine’s vacuum toilet collection and transfer system.

Unveiled for the first time today during the SMM trade show in Hamburg, Germany, the development of the ACO PowerVAC is significant in that it negates the need for the company to outsource key system components, offering a complete in-house sourced vacuum-based wastewater management solution.

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Speaking at ACO Marine’s SMM exhibition booth, Managing Director Mark Beavis, said: “The development of the ACO PowerVAC range of pumps and pumping stations will allow us to be more competitive and flexible in our equipment specification and supply.”

Designed for vacuum toilets, black water collection and wastewater transfer systems, the ACO PowerVAC is a powerful, robust vacuum generation and dual-phase sewage/air pumping unit.

Of compact and low weight design, and available with capacities ranging from 90 to 670 flushes per hour, the pump creates a strong vacuum with up to an 8m suction lift. This means it is capable of pumping effluent directly to holding tanks and ACO Marine’s Clarimar MF and Maripur NF wastewater treatment plants without the need for a temporary collection reservoir. Delivery heads range up to a maximum of 40m total lift.

“We wanted to produce a robust, reliable and effective vacuum generator that is simple to install and easy to maintain. We have achieved this,” said Beavis.

“By simply removing the ‘wet end’ pump cover, operators will find access to the pumping elements, wear parts and sealing system much easier than existing units on the market. The PowerVAC units are self-priming and insensitive to dry running and foreign objects. So there is no requirement for macerating of black water in front of the pump which vastly improves the solid separation process in downstream treatment systems aboard the vessel.”

The development is a key step forward in the Germany-headquartered company’s strategy for total in-house product supply and the provision of complete vacuum and gravity-based wastewater system solutions for both newbuild and retrofit markets.

“It has long been ACO Marine’s goal to be able to offer a complete vacuum-based wastewater system solution for all vessel types, said Beavis. “To this end, ACO Marine is concluding a strategic partnering arrangement with a renowned vacuum component manufacturer to develop a range of marine vacuum toilets and vacuum interface valves, together with all other sanitary components such as urinals and bidets.

“A contemporary and elegant design available in both deck and bulkhead mounted configurations, made from either ceramic or stainless steel, the new vacuum toilet range will incorporate market-leading benefits such as; super-silent operation as standard (<80dB); adjustable flush water volume (to as low as 1 litre/flush); easy-clean bowl design with integrated vacuum reservoir within the toilet itself allowing up to four flushes in the event of vacuum system failure. When introduced later this year these will now complete the ACO Marine portfolio allowing the design and supply of the complete wastewater management system from source to overboard discharge.”

Visitors to SMM will be able to see the new ACO PowerVAC unit and learn more about the technology at the ACO Marine booth in Hall A1 Stand 407, between the 6th and 9th September.

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