CSR: CMA CGM Awarded The Highest Rating By EcoVadis

For the second consecutive year, CMA CGM has won the “Gold Recognition Level” by EcoVadis a specialist agency in CSR evaluation. This award acknowledges CMA CGM’s CSR ambition and performance especially regarding:

  • the improvement of its Carbon performance by 50% in 2015
  • its commitment to vulnerable children through CMA CGM Corporate Foundation
  • its Safety policy

Environment: to minimize the impact of the Group’s activities with innovation as a major driver

The Group sets itself extremely ambitious targets in the area of environmental sustainability and reached some in 2015: for example, in 10 years, CMA CGM has improved its Carbon performance by 50%, and has already committed itself to improve its Carbone performance by 30% by 2025.

Credits: cma-cgm.com
Representation Image – Credits: cma-cgm.com

This improvement was made possible by increasing the size of the Group’s ships, while also improving their hydrodynamics and reducing their speed. While the group fleet averaged 116g of CO2 emission/km per container shipped in 2005, the latest environmental technologies used by the CMA CGM Group have helped in reducing those emissions to the historically low average of 60g of CO2/km. And the new Group’s containerships are even more efficient: In fact, the CMA CGM BOUGAINVILLE CO2 emissions average at only 37g of CO2/km for each container.

With its main activity at sea, CMA CGM holds ocean protection as priority within its environment policy. A ballast management plan is in operation on all CMA CGM Group’s vessels, in order to prevent marine pollution and accidents. Of note is CMA CGM’s active participation in numerous programs and working groups including the Clean Cargo Group, the Carbon Disclosure Project etc. CMA CGM is also holder of the ISO 14001, an international reference standard related to environmental management.

Human capital at the heart of Group activities

With this distinction, EcoVadis acknowledges the Group’s performances regarding the social challenges of CSR. For example, the Group’s HR policy implemented has been in the spotlight particularly in the areas of Health and Safety at work, the reduction in accidents and its prevention policy. CMA CGM is also dedicated to the development of interns. The Group has been ranked 11th out of 1,000 firms for the best corporate internship for 2015, by French rating agency Happy Trainees. CMA CGM also established its new Code of Ethics at the end of 2014 which is now the cornerstone of the Group’s Ethics & Compliance Program.

Societal: CMA CGM Corporate Foundation committed to vulnerable children

Since 2005, the Foundation has focused on improving the daily life of suffering children by supporting both French and Lebanese associations. The Foundation has supported more than 150 projects since its creation. In 2016, 1,500 children will benefit from the Foundation’s support.

In addition, the “Containers of Hope” project facilitates humanitarian transport targeting the most vulnerable children.

Reference: cma-cgm.com

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