DNV GL Named Norway’s Most Innovative Company 2016

“We are proud to be named Innovasjonsmagasinet’s most innovative company for 2016. At DNV GL, we see it as our job to look into the future; we collectively do so thousands of times a day. We answer questions about it all the time: is this design correct? Is that safety barrier adequate? Will this component perform? What impact will that action have on the environment? When will that technology come into play?” says Group President and CEO, Remi Eriksen.

“We believe the world is on the cusp of a technological revolution; a new ‘renaissance’ in industrial progress with the accelerated uptake of cyber-physical systems. Watchwords of the next few years are Standardization, De-carbonization, and Digitalization. The next ten years is also where concepts such as automation and data-driven insights acquire real meaning and scale. This creates a space of opportunities for us all. We are committed to continue investing heavily in in-house strategic research and development, as well as joint industry projects together with our customers. I believe DNV GL is uniquely positioned to help close the gap between innovation and the uptake of new technology.”

Image Credits: dnvgl.com
Representation Image Credits: dnvgl.com

Leading the pack

Innovasjonsmagasinet is Norway’s leading innovation magazine, and has more than 25,000 readers. For the second consecutive year the magazine has identified the country’s 25 most innovative companies in its annual magazine. DNV GL finds itself in good company in the top five, followed by Norwegian Air Shuttle in second place, Schibsted Media Group, design house Snøhetta (responsible for the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet) and paints and coatings company Jotun.

The jury named DNV GL as world-leading in certification, safety and sustainability in the maritime, oil and gas and energy sectors, driven by the goal of safeguarding life, property and the environment. “With a new leader and in the midst of the current oil downturn, they continue working to help customers make the world safer, smarter and greener,” the jury said. “We believe that DNV GL, under the leadership of Remi Eriksen, continues to sow seeds for the future. A clear winner which uses innovation in a way Norway can be proud of, including in the UN General Assembly.”

The magazine is released September 1. Awards will be presented at Innovation Day in Oslo on September 6.

Reference: dnvgl.com

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