Marlins And HRAS Launch New Diversity And Inclusivity Training For Seafarers

It’s no secret to those in the industry that the maritime sector is one of the most diverse in the world. Seafarers hail from a wide range of cultures, nationalities and beliefs, as well as representing the full spectrum of gender and sexual orientation. This diverse environment makes the industry an exciting and interesting place to work, however it can lead to misunderstanding and in some cases, conflict or bullying.

Continuing their successful collaboration, Marlins and Human Rights at Sea are proud to announce their newest jointly-produced eLearning course on “Diversity & Inclusion at Sea”. Marlins previously worked with Human Rights at Sea in the production of a course on “Humanitarian Response”, dealing with the rescue of migrants and refugees at sea.

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Designed to increase awareness of diversity and create an environment of respect and inclusion between seafarers, this innovative new course has been researched in depth and prepared with the assistance of experts from across the welfare and diversity fields, including the UK Naval Service’s “Compass” network. Learners are encouraged to reflect on individual differences and consider how to interact and cooperate effectively, regardless of cultural, faith or gender differences.

Importantly, the course supports and complements the recent guidance developed by the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) on Eliminating Shipboard Harassment and Bullying. That guidance was adopted at the second meeting of the Special Tripartite Committee established under the MLC, 2006 on 10th February, 2016.

TinekeBosma, Training Development Specialist and former seafarer at Marlins, explained, “Crew typically spend a long time away from home, separated from their family and loved ones, with reduced communication. Being excluded from the group on board may lead to further loneliness and even depression. We hope this course will encourage seafarers to seek to understand each other better.”

David Hammond, CEO of Human Rights at Sea, said, “The support to Human Rights at Sea from the Marlins team has been instrumental in developing this valuable course and making it widely available to the whole maritime community. I would further like to thank the Apostleship of the Sea and the Royal Navy Diversity team for their review of materials”.

At launch, the course is being made available for free for all individual users to access, for a limited time only. The course will also be included in the next subscriber update of the Marlins eLearning Suite for Seafarers.

David continues, “I am delighted that we are able to present this new educational tool to both the international community, as well as to the delegates attending the inaugural International Maritime Human Rights conference this week.”

“Meaningful diversity awareness training for all staff, which includes gender identity and sexual orientation, is critical in creating a positive working environment and inclusive culture where difference is accepted, respected and valued. Only then will people be confident and comfortable in bringing their ‘whole selves’ to the workplace and contribute fully.” commented Chris Wood, Lieutenant Commander, Royal Navy, Co-Chair of the Compass Network.

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