PBES Powers World’s First Electric Aquaculture Support Vessel

Plan B Energy Storage (PBES) today announced a milestone project in the aquaculture industry. The award of the contract for energy storage aboard the electric fish farm vessel Elfrida underscores the ongoing trend toward adoption of green technology in Norway.

“We see this as crucial preparation for a low-carbon future,” says Roger Bekken, Managing Director of Salmar, the vessel’s owner and leading Norwegian aquaculture company. “In keeping with our forward thinking management, and focus on operational efficiency, adding battery technology to our vessels brings cost savings and environmental stewardship together in one package.”

PBES_First Electric Aquaculture Support Vessel
Image Credits: pbes.com

“The PBES battery system onboard Elfrida was one of the first we installed in a working vessel and proves the technology is well suited to fish farming,” said Grant Brown, Vice President of Marketing, PBES. “We envision the entire fleet of Norwegian aquaculture and fishing vessels to either run as hybrid or on full battery propulsion,” he added.

In operation since February 2017, the vessel provides up to 12 knots speed and a full eight-hour shift per charge. Not only does the system eliminate emissions, the fact there is no noise, vibration or diesel fumes provides greater crew comfort, less fatigue and leads to safer working conditions onboard. Best of all, the vessel requires no diesel fuel, dramatically reducing operating costs.

PBES supports the aquaculture industry in Norway with an experienced sales team. Christina Ianssen, Arnstein Andreassen and Eivind Aune will be meeting customers at AquaNor 15-18 August 2017.

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