Port Of Rotterdam Named ‘Most Dynamic European Logistics Hub’

In the periodical SCI/Logistics Barometer by the Cologne-based consultancy SCI Verkehr, the Port of Rotterdam takes first place. It not only remains as it did last year, as the most dynamic European logistics hub, it is expanding its position even further. 45% of German logisticians surveyed described the Port of Rotterdam as “very dynamic”, which is an increase of 12% compared to 2015. The Port of Rotterdam is therefore far ahead of second-placed Antwerp (dynamic: 20%) and Györ in Hungary (18%) which took third place.

“We feel reassured in our policies by these results and the underlying assessment of logistics experts. These dynamics are a reward for our efforts in designing an ultra modern logistics hub that actively shapes excellent conditions for the quality of goods for all participants along the entire supply chain,” said Allard Castelein, Managing Director of the Port of Rotterdam, commenting on the figures. “Our dynamics and potential for innovation did not stop with Maasvlakte II.”

Image Credits: portofrotterdam.com
Image Credits: portofrotterdam.com

Innovation driver

The Port of Rotterdam demonstrates its dynamism in different areas – both in shaping the future of logistics and every day logistics. The port thereby acts as an innovation and industry cluster, whether it be in cooperation with startups and contemporary industries, such as the field of chemistry, or as one of the most important clusters for LNG.

The port is constantly working on its internal port infrastructure as a dynamic logistics hub. The container terminals of APM, RWG and ECT on the Maasvlakte are already highly automated, so that large parts of the process are unmanned. The Port of Rotterdam is innovatively experimenting with networked quays.

The design of the digital information flow plays just as important a role as the actual movement of goods. Numerous tools help all partners, forwarders, logistics companies, ship-owners and freight forwarders in planning and executing the movement of goods along the entire supply chain. The Port of Rotterdam is also developing additional tools for the future.

The Port of Rotterdam does not remain at a standstill in the development of important regional connections, either. Only recently was the first railway connection between China and Rotterdam set up by partners. We are also working on opening up new routes in Europe and Germany.

Reference: portofrotterdam.com

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