Report: Lesson Learned In Combating Pirates Could Be Applied To Migration Crisis

Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP), a program of the One Earth Future (OEF) Foundation focused on reducing violence at sea, in cooperation with OEF Research, has released a new reportwhich examines how the response to the Somali piracy crisis could make crossing the Mediterranean safer for refugees.

The report points out that although the Mediterranean migration crisis is very different from maritime piracy, many of the same groups are impacted. The lessons of counter-piracy suggest that by bringing together key international stakeholders to agree on implementing a coordinated set of responses, dangerous maritime situations can be identified, addressed and contained. What worked in addressing the crisis of Somali piracy can help to solve this emerging problem.

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According to Dr. Conor Seyle,director of the OEF Research program and co-author of the report, “The international maritime community—governments, shipping industry, maritime security and civil society actors—all have an interest in reducing the dangers experienced by refugees crossing the Mediterranean. But this is a diverse group with different perspectives, motivations and interests that need to be coordinated.”

Jens Madsen, senior project associate for Oceans Beyond Piracy and co-author of the report, concludes, “We cannot paint all maritime and non-traditional security issues with the same brush, but we can learn from similar challenges that have been successfully addressed. Coordination among a network of stakeholders is effective in solving current crises, particularly in global commons like the high seas.”

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