Rolls-Royce To Deliver Ship Design And Equipment For Two Stern Trawlers

Two stern trawlers of Rolls-Royce design are contracted to be built by the Freire Shipyard in Spain. One of the trawlers has been ordered by Qajaq Trawl and the other by Polar Seafood, both Greenland based ship owners.

The two vessels are designed for catching shrimps and equipped with a wide range of Rolls-Royce equipment. Operational efficiency, low emissions, crew comfort, safety and excellent sea keeping capabilities have been the main considerations in the development of the ship design and equipment package.

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Monrad Hide, Rolls-Royce, Vice President, Sales – Marine, said: “Rolls-Royce has a long history working with both Qajaq Trawl and Polar Seafood in designing several fishing vessels for use in a harsh climate. We are of course very happy to continue this cooperation.”

In addition to ship design, the equipment package includes engines, propulsion system, automation, winches, steering gear and a power electric system. The main engine in both vessels will be the Bergen B33:45 with nine cylinders. This highly efficient engine from Rolls-Royce is 20 percent more powerful per cylinder compared to its predecessor. This lowers the costs through the engine’s life cycle, and allows for smaller machine rooms on board.

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Promas completes the propulsion system for the two new vessels. This solution integrates the propeller, a hubcap, rudder bulb and the rudder itself into a single hydrodynamic efficient unit. A Hybrid Shaft Generator (HSG) will also be installed. HSG is an advanced power electric system that enables a much more flexible use of engine and propeller speed variations to maximize both propeller and engine efficiencies, which again helps to reduce exhaust CO2 and NOx emissions.

On deck, a low pressure hydraulic winch system with electrically driven auxiliary winches will be mounted. In bad weather the dynamic winches keep the trawl gear in the best position to fish efficiently and reduce wear on the equipment.

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The vessels are of NVC 375 design by Rolls-Royce and will be about 80 m long and with hulls of DNVGL 1A* class Fishing Vessel. They are scheduled to be delivered from the yard in 2018/19.

Since the early 1970s, Rolls-Royce has designed about 150 vessels of NVC design for the fishing industry. The current Rolls-Royce orderbook in this market now comprises seven fishing vessels and two live fish carriers.


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