Shell Joins Project Forward Studying LNG-Fuelled Bulk Carriers

Project Forward, the joint development project based on Deltamarin’s B.Delta design, is in discussions with oil major Shell about potential LNG supply options and requirements for globally-trading bulk carriers, tankers and container vessels. The project is being led by Athens-based bulk carrier owner Arista Shipping, and in addition to Deltamarin other participants are ABS, GTT and Wärtsilä.

Project Forward is developing a technically feasible and commercially viable design for LNG-fuelled ocean-going vessels complying with the International Maritime Organization’s Energy Efficiency Design Index 2025 standards, NOx Tier III and Marpol Annex VI SOx emission levels. The concept is based on the highly-optimised B.Delta design suitable for ships between 82,000 and 210,000 dwt. It will employ GTT’s membrane-type LNG tanks for fuel containment. The Wärtsilä 31DF dual-fuel engine is to form the basis of the concept’s propulsion system.

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Project Forward will ensure a long sailing range on LNG, which can easily be adjusted to fit the specific needs of each owner or trade pattern. As a result, it could be sufficient for LNG-fuelled vessels to bunker LNG at major ports only. “As Shell is already taking steps to prepare LNG bunkering infrastructure at different ports around the globe, it was a suitable partner for the project in the role of investigating the options of supplying LNG-powered vessels and assessing bunker requirements,” says Konstantinos Fakiolas, Sales Director at Deltamarin.


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