Shell Starts Operating Hyper-Modern LNG Bunker Vessel

The Shell Western LNG B.V. Trading Rotterdam B.V. (Shell) hyper-modern bunker vessel Cardissa has arrived in the Rotterdam port approach area. This ocean-going vessel enables Shell to supply clients throughout Europe with liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the Gas Access to Europe (Gate) terminal in Rotterdam. The Cardissa can carry 6,500 m3 LNG.

Shell has also signed a time charter agreement with Victrol N.V. and CFT for a bunker vessel with a 3,000m3 LNG capacity. The vessel will operate with Rotterdam as work location and will provide additional flexibility to supply a wide range of clients, including European inland waterway vessels.

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‘As bunker fuel, LNG plays an important role in the energy mix of the future,’ said Steve Hill, Executive Vice President of Shell Energy. ‘With these bunker vessels and the Gate terminal, we are demonstrating that Shell is committed to constructing a robust and reliable supply for our clients. With stricter emission regulations on the horizon, we are continuing to work with our clients and partners towards cleaner energy solutions.’


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