Silverstream Air Lubrication Technology Proven To Deliver Significant Long-Term Energy Savings

Silverstream Technologies and Shell today confirm consistent net efficiency savings in excess of 4% in fuel consumed, following the successful long-term operation of Silverstream Technologies’ proprietary air lubrication technology, the Silverstream® System, on-board the 40,000 DWT tanker MT Amalienborg. Further analysis of the data gathered through this process predicts that for larger vessels, efficiency savings of up to 8% are possible.

Data was taken from the MT Amalienborg under ‘business as usual’ commercial operations encompassing all operating conditions. The results align with those obtained from full-scale sea trials completed in 2014 by Shell and Lloyd’s Register Ship Performance Team. Data gathered during operation demonstrates savings commencing at 10 knots, and also proves that increased speed brings increased savings. Further calculations, based on the sea trials and verified by the long-term performance monitoring of the MT Amalienborg, predict that greater savings of up to 8% are possible on larger vessels such as LNG carriers and Suezmax tankers. The patented Silverstream® System is unique in its cavity design and energy balance; using very little power to generate the micro-bubble layer.

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In-service operational data gathered over the last two years has been verified by Professor Dominic Hudson, Shell Professor of Ship Safety and Efficiency within the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment at the University of Southampton. Professor Hudson confirmed that savings increase with speed, and that net power savings of 4.1% were delivered at 14 knots.

“Through our partnership with Shell we have obtained verified detailed data, gathered over an extensive period of testing and trials, which demonstrates the system’s performance. Transparency about our savings results and the fact they are based on operational conditions provides assurance to the industry that the Silverstream® System delivers real savings and tangible results,” said Noah Silberschmidt, CEO, Silverstream Technologies.

“Over the past two years, Silverstream Technologies has continued to develop and enhance the system, making engineering improvements which have resulted in negligible drag when the system is switched off, as well as improvements in compressor efficiency, and installation footprint. These improvements would further increase the savings and net efficiency reported. Based on the rigour of this ground-breaking process, and the continued verification and development of our air lubrication technology, we are confident that the Silverstream® System will play a crucial role in supporting the industry in increasing operational and environmental efficiencies and, in turn, reducing emissions.”

“At Shell, we believe that innovation and technology are key to improving the efficiency of our shipping operations. The rigorous testing process and successful performance during operational conditions proves that the Silverstream® System can reduce ship fuel consumption and lower emissions accordingly. This is an important innovation that can improve shipping efficiency,” said David Connolly, Senior Principal Technologist at Shell Shipping Technology.

The Silverstream® System is a fully integrated solution designed and engineered by Silverstream Technologies, and is suitable for both newbuidilngs and retrofit. Shell funded the installation of the pioneering air lubrication system on the MT Amalienborg, owned by leading Danish Shipping company Dannebrog Rederi, part of the WECO Group A/S. The Lloyds Register Ship Performance Team independently verified the sea trials.

Johnny Schmolker the CEO of WECO Group A/S commented:

“We are pleased to have had the opportunity over the last two and a half years to operationally test the Silverstream® System. As well as delivering the expected fuel savings, the crew has found the system easy to operate and maintain, and we look forward to working with Silverstream Technologies in the future.”

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