Ultra-Clean Groupe Desgagnés Newbuilds Are Even Cleaner With COMPAC

Damia Desgagnés, a 15,100dwt asphalt/bitumen tanker launched in June from Turkey’s Besiktas shipyard, has been fitted with Thordon Bearings COMPAC seawater-lubricated propeller shaft bearing package in order to safeguard the marine environment during vessel operations in the Great Lakes and Arctic regions.

Canada-based Groupe Desgagnés, which is scheduled to take delivery of the vessel later this year, is embarking on a fleet renewal and expansion programme of which Damia Desgagnés is the first in a series of four state-of-the-art vessels.

Image Credits: seabornecomms.com
Image Credits: seabornecomms.com

Mario Rossi, Vice-president of Fleet Operations, Groupe Desgagnés, said: “These vessels will be the most sophisticated, environmentally-sustainable vessels in the Desgagnés fleet, demonstrating the company’s environmental leadership in sustainable shipping. They will operate a range of emissions reducing equipment, including dual-fuel engines and the Thordon COMPAC System, which we believe is the most environmentally-safe solution available.”

Among the raft of cutting-edge clean technology designed to reduce emissions, the inclusion of a Canadian-made COMPAC seawater-lubricated propulsion system completely mitigates the risk of any operational oil leaking from stern tube seals and bearings as no oil is used.

Jasmin Racicot, Technical Representative, RMH (Quebec), Thordon Bearings’ distributor in the region, said: “Desgagnés was adamant that these new vessels should benefit from the COMPAC water-lubricated-propeller shaft system. It was a prerequisite from the outset due to COMPAC’s 15 year wear life guarantee and Thordon’s Global Service and Support network.”

Scott Groves, Thordon Bearings’ Business Development Manager, said: “Groupe Desgagnés’ decision to opt for COMPAC was based on an equipment selection process geared to meet and, indeed, exceed current environmental standards. We have previously supplied Desgagnés’ with other Thordon Bearings equipment but this is our first COMPAC prop shaft bearing reference with the owner.”

Groves explained that Groupe Desgagnés placed a specific request to system integrator, Wärtsilä, to have Thordon COMPAC installed on each of the ships. The scope of supply includes COMPAC seawater-lubricated propeller shaft bearings with a split tapered key set together with the Thordon Water Quality Package which ensures a clean and consistent flow of seawater to the bearings.

Craig Carter, Thordon Bearings’ Director of Marketing and Customer Service, said: “We are delighted to add Groupe Desgagnés to a growing list of environmentally conscientious shipowners to have totally eliminated oil and the aft seal from their propeller shaft system, substantially reducing operational costs.

“With environmental consideration at the top of the maritime agenda, there is no coherent argument for the continued use of oil-lubricated bearing systems, especially when the advancement in seawater-lubricated polymer bearing technology means that shipowners can now make operational savings and keep the oceans clean.”

Designed to reduce CO2 emissions by 25%, NOx by 85% and completely eliminate SOx emissions, Damia Desgagnés has been designed in accordance with the POLAR CLASS 7, GREEN PASSPORT CLEANSHIP SUPER notations.

The single-screw Polar-class vessel is powered by a Wärtsilä 5RT-flex 50DF propulsion engine driving a variable pitch propeller shaft with a diameter of 557mm (22”).

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