Worker Suffers Serious Injuries After Falling Off Ship Into Willamette River

An individual employed on a vessel was seriously injured after falling into the Willamette River on Monday, per Portland Fire & Rescue. At around 9:20 a.m., the PF&R tweeted that they had been responding to a water/rope rescue off Columbia Boulevard.

Representation Image
Worker injured on falling off a vessel. Representation Image.

PF&R explained that a worker fell almost 100 feet off the side of a vessel and was lying unconscious in the river with a probable head injury. Crew members reached the scene and assisted the dock personnel in rescuing the worker. The worker, who hasn’t been identified, was rushed to an area hospital with serious injuries, per PF&R.

The worker fell off the side of the ship and landed in the river. He was unconscious with a possible head injury. PFR crews reached the spot, entered the river, and assisted the dock personnel on the scene with the rescue mission.

References: KPTV-KPDX, Kakev

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