$10 Million Worth Gold Carrying Ship SS Pacific Wreck Mystery Solved After 150 Years!

In a major development, explorers have found the shipwreck of the ill-fated ship SS Pacific, the most elusive wreckage in the US. Treasure hunters sought to find this for 150 years until Jeff Hummel discovered it.

Hummel and his men at Rockfish Inc. found the San Francisco-bound ship that started its journey from Victoria, British Columbia, on November 4, 1875, with more than 300 people onboard. The ship had an accident with Orpheus, a sailing ship that was sailing along the Washington Coast, somewhere near Cape Flattery. 

Hummel agrees that had it not been for them, this shipwreck would still be a mystery for a long time as its location is in the middle of nowhere, making it impossible to find. It had the wealthiest people onboard, from gold miners to the west coast’s richest timber baron, carrying gold with an estimated value of $10 million or more. 

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They said they were on a voyage towards home with the fortunes they collected, but Hummel revealed none of them made it, except for the two shipwreck survivors.

Judy Adams, one of the descendants of the Scottish Quartermaster survivor, revealed that his grandfather Neil Henly never forgot people’s cry for help when the ship was drowning. Henly was found holding onto a scrap of the wreckage after 3 days or more of the ship’s sinking.

Now Hummel says that some of the possessions of Henly could be recovered from SS Pacific as the wreck is preserved in pristine condition. Suitcases filled with people’s clothes could be found.

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