111 Year-Old Titanic Food Menu Shared Online Leaves Netizens Drooling

The RMS Titanic sank on its first voyage in the North Atlantic 111 years ago. Several experts from around the world have investigated the wreck, and first-hand stories of individuals who survived that night have been documented.

Credit: @RMSTitanicOff/Twitter

Because there is so much interest in this ship, a post highlighting the lunch menu available onboard has gone viral! Curry chicken, baked fish, spring lamb, mutton and roast turkey were popular dishes, while the custard was a popular dessert.

That evening, second-class passengers ate plum pudding (commonly known as Christmas pudding). In their blog post, Taste Atlas shared photographs of the menu and dining area.

Taste Atlas is a travel book devoted to classic cuisine that includes recipes, food critic evaluations, and other food-related information. This post was only shared one day ago and has already received over 2400 likes, with many people commenting on it!

Reference: India Today, Hindustan Times

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