28 Year-Old Meta Employee Spends A Whopping $300,000 To Work From A Cruise Ship

Meta’s recent announcements regarding shrinking its office space and expanding work from home to cut costs allowed a 28-year-old employee of its parent company to do something different. Instead of working from home, he decided to work from a cruise ship while simultaneously travelling the world.

The man named Austin Wells hails from San Diego. He has rented a 237-foot studio for 12 years in the cruise ship MV Narrative, which is still under construction and will be floated out in 2025, per several news reports.

He plans to live in his $300,000 studio for three years and adjust his work timings according to the time of the place the cruise ship will pass through.

28 Year-Old Meta Employee Spends A Whopping $300,000 To Work From A Cruise Ship
Credits: Storylines

Wells told CNBC,  “It’s just like owning a condo. I’m going from this model where you want to go somewhere, pack a bag, get on a flight, rent a room, to now my condo, my gym, my doctors and dentists, all of my grocery stores travel the world with me,”.

He also added that it would allow him to have new friends and a community of residents with whom he would travel across the world, one of the ways to create the deepest friendships and lasting relations.

MV Narrative would be launched by Storylines, allowing guests to live at sea permanently. Its 237-foot studios were put on the market in 2022 for one million dollars. The price includes everything a sea resident would require, like food, drinks, laundry services, recreational activities, etc.

It would be 753 feet long, have 547 private accommodations, and circumnavigate six continents for 1000 days, spending three days at each port. According to a Forbes report, the company would earn about 1.5 billion dollars.

References: Business Insider, NDTV

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