3 Boaters Successfully Rescued From Vancouver Harbor Following A Probable Collision With A Cargo Ship

Three individuals had to be reportedly pulled from the waters of Vancouver Harbour. At the same time, the 18-foot, rented runabout eventually capsized following a possible collision with the Saga Beiga Flor cargo vessel as it had been coming into the port, per RCMP’s West Coast Marine unit.

Const. David Kokesch mentioned that the rescued individuals were cold, wet, and upset. However, they suffered no significant injuries. Two dogs that had been in their boat are missing. Presumptions are that they have drowned.

It’s unclear yet, but the vessels were trying to reach the harbour. The small craft was in front of the ship. If the wake flipped the boat, the two boats came into contact with one another, or who initiated it, that part is still under investigation, Kokesch mentioned.

3 Boaters Successfully Rescued
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Kokesch also added that two tug boats and a port authority vessel reportedly helped rescue three individuals. They were rushed to the Main Street dock and then to the hospital for observation.

CBC was also alerted to the incident by a public Facebook post. The poster mentioned that family members had been rescued and claimed in the comments section that one of them was caught under the boat that capsized. The post was later deleted.

CBC contacted the poster and was referred to a lawyer named Tom Spraggs.

When contacted over a call, Spraggs said that investigators associated with his law firm were looking into the matter.

On Tuesday, an official ship tracking website named Marine Traffic reflected that the Hong Kong-registered Saga Beiga Flor was reportedly moored at the Lynnterm East Gate, close to the north end of the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge.

References: Canada Today, CBC

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