$37 Million Invested For A New Ship Repair Yard Based In Jamaica

Efforts are in progress for constructing a new vessel repair yard based in Jamaica’s KINGSTON, dubbed the “German Ship Repair Jamaica Shipyard.” It’s most likely to start operations by this year in October/November. It has informed of its first client, a heavy-lift vessel dubbed the “Mexican Giant.”

This shipyard is expected to extend drydock facilities and a range of maintenance activities, handling vessels of almost 20,000 tons with ample berth space for accommodating ships of up to nearly 705 feet in length. The shipyard’s construction is expected to develop well-paying jobs and attract foreign exchange to Jamaica.

Jamaica shipyard
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The project’s first phase involves the development of the yard’s first dry dock (JAM-Dock 1), the training and hiring of workers for engine workshops and steel fabrication. It is likely to generate employment for 100 individuals.

KINGSTON’s location is at a critical junction for vessels that serve Central America and the Caribbean and sail via the Panama Canal, with nearly 3,000 port calls every year and 180,000 ships operating in the area, as indicated by the sponsors of the project and by the government officials.

The project partners are ship owner and operator, Harren & Partner Group, and supplier Kloska Group. The firms are based in Germany. They are collaborating with the HAT-SAN shipyard based in Turkey. The partners plan on investing about $37 million in developing a ship repair yard based in Jamaica.

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