741 ft Long Cruise Ship Lets People Live At Sea Permanently For $ 8 million 

An $8 million may fetch a mansion in the Midwest, a three-bedroom condo in New York, or a gorgeous house in LA. But if one has always had the fantasy of living a life at sea, $8 million could get them their dream home: a condominium on a cruise vessel.

Storylines are currently building an 18-deck luxury residential cruise vessel with 547 residences for about 1,000 guests.

And when MV Narrative is complete and all geared up to sail in 2025, the 741-foot-long vessel and its guests will begin indefinitely travelling the world. The price for the floating condos is currently $1 million for a studio home of 237 square feet.

Live at sea for $8 million
Source: Storylines

Many of the relatively larger homes have been popular with aspiring buyers, Katie Drew, Storylines’; VP of marketing, reported to the Insider last year.

So far, this still holds. The most expensive $9+ million two-floor “Global”; homes have been 100% reserved. But a handful of the 1,432-square-foot “Encore”; homes are still left. 

And these aren’t considerably cheaper either: The Encore line is priced from $7.55 to $7.97 million. 

These three- to four-bedroom homes at sea have a balcony that will offer sprawling views of the vast ocean. There’s an open-concept kitchen and living room with a dining table, television, desk, and couch. A primary bedroom features a walk-in closet, one more television, and an en-suite bathroom boasting a bathtub.

Like other cruise ships, the cost covers access to amenities like 20 restaurants and bars, three grand pools, a movie theatre, a marina with water toys, and a lounge. And that does not even cover the most significant bragging rights that come with living on the Narrative: the option to travel the world for several years.

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