A.P. Moller – Maersk Supports Flood Relief Efforts In Pakistan

A.P. Moller – Maersk (Maersk) has been unwavering in its dedication to supporting the communities where it operates by contributing assets, expertise, and capable talent for pro-bono projects, especially when it is needed the most. The record monsoon rains that impacted Pakistan this mid-year swept away infrastructure, inundated large areas of land and displaced and affected millions of people.

Living our purpose of improving life for all by integrating the world, our relentless commitment to our community is paramount in everything we do. For years, we have partnered with reputable humanitarian organisations to support their relief efforts in Pakistan by providing our end-to-end logistics services and products to mobilise and accelerate the transportation of aid relief.

During the floods, we activated projects with HANDS, the Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) and UNICEF, providing urgent aid to the most affected areas in the country, said Hasan Faraz, Managing Director, Maersk Pakistan.


Maersk flood relief
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During the early stages of the floods, sourcing local products from the larger cities of Pakistan and moving them to severely affected remote communities was one of the most immediate ways to provide urgent care to the victims. Maersk Pakistan teamed with HANDS, one of the largest non-profit organisations in Pakistan that specialises in disaster management.

Thanks to its 35 branches’ network across Pakistan and access to more than 21,000 villages in 59 districts, Maersk was able to distribute essential non-perishable food items like grains, flour-based baked goods to 450 families in Larkana and Dadu.

As part of a long-standing agreement and commitment, Maersk provides customs, transportation, and warehousing services to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). During the floods, UNICEF has been receiving relief items from overseas, which are temporarily stored before dispatch to the affected areas for distribution. For this purpose, Maersk offered UNICEF a total of 50,000 square feet of warehouse space free of charge.

To date, an estimated 2.7 tons of cargo have been received at Maersk fulfilment centres, both strategically located near Port Qasim, the country’s second busiest port gate. The donations, which include mosquito nets, tents, and hygiene kits for women and children, require rapid deployment. Maersk, therefore, deployed a special on-site team to speed up the distribution and ensure the operation’s agility and efficiency.

Purifying water in the most critical areas

The Danish Embassy in Pakistan, in cooperation with the Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA), donated water purification modules to deliver clean drinking water to the people of Pakistan in flooded areas. Maersk’s customs clearance and transportation services enabled prompt delivery of the modules to Sindh, one of the provinces highly affected by water scarcity.

The modules were lent to Pakistan to help address the shortage of clean drinking water, which worsened during the emergency. Maersk effectively supported us in clearing the equipment into the country and safely transporting it to the site.

For us, it is key to count on the support of a trusted partner that can help us accelerate the provision of emergency assistance in crucial times. Thanks to the mobilisation of the water purification unit, we have managed to provide close to 3 million litres of clean drinking water to the communities in Khipro and vicinity.

Jakob Linulf, Denmark’s Ambassador to Pakistan- Employees from West and Central Asia offices have organised collection drives of non-perishable food, toiletries, clothing, and monetary donations that will be sent to Pakistan in cooperation with the Dar Al Ber Society Fund.

Reference: Maersk

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