A ‘Reasonably Priced’ Cruise Ship To Take You To About 135 Nations In Three Years

If globetrotting is a high priority for you, it is time you consider it as bookings for the first three-year ship trip worldwide have been declared by Life at Sea Cruises, expected to cover 135 nations across seven continents. Embracing the COVID-19 pandemic-induced lifestyle shift toward working remotely, the cruise offers travellers a chance to live, explore, and work — all from a single place.

Starting from $29,999 a year, it is touted as the first-ever decently priced, all-inclusive world cruise that will cover over 130,000 miles, 13 of the 14 ‘Wonders of the World’, and 375 ports, of which 208 are going to be overnight stops.

Credits: lifeatseacruises.com

The MV Gemini, boasting 400 cabins and room for about 1,074 passengers, will set sail from Istanbul on 1 November, with pick-ups in Miami and Barcelona on 5 November and 16 November, respectively.

Some of the iconic sites included are India’s Taj Mahal, Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer statue, the pyramids of Giza, Mexico’s Chichen Itza, the Great Wall of China, and Machu Picchu. It promises to take guests to about 103 tropical islands.

The amenities in the package include free access to dining venues, pod embarkation storage and system, free friends and family visits, medical consultation, an onboard app with GPS, dinner with alcohol, port fees and taxes, gym and fitness, laundry, service charges, housekeeping, enrichment seminars, golf simulator, other entertainment, and live performances.

Considering the duration and kind of voyage, the cruise offers remote working facilities with two meeting rooms, a business library, 14 offices, a café, wifi, conference equipment, printers, screens, and a relaxing lounge.

The firm is launching a matchmaking scheme whereby guests can share a cabin with someone for different seasons and periods. For example, two couples can buy a cabin for the trip and divide the travel cost between them. Single travellers will get a discount of about 15% on the double occupancy rate. A down payment of $45,000 is needed.

References: Indian Express, India Times

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