A Woman Passenger Sues A Cruise Firm Over Covid-19 Handling

A woman suing a cruise firm over its handling of COVID-19 on a vessel has reported to the court that believing the cruise ship was free of the coronavirus was perhaps extremely stupid.

The Guardian recently reported that Susan Karpik, the woman, informed the court that she was naive to believe the well-known operator, Princess Cruises, would be able to keep COVID-19 off the ship.

Cruise Ship

Karpik, a former nurse by profession, is the lead plaintiff in a class action against Carnival Australia, the charter firm, and Princess Cruises, per the outlet.

Sharing evidence at the federal court of Australia on Monday, Karpik added that they had wrongly assumed that the ship would be virus free when they had boarded and that she later realized that it was stupid of them to have that view.

Karpik also told the court before she left for the cruise in 2020 (March) that her son-in-law, a doctor by profession, offered his perspectives on cruise vessels. According to Guardian, cruise vessels were Petri dishes, and the risks of infection were high for any illness.

References: Business Insider India, Yahoo! News

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