About A Dozen Injured In Myanmar’s Ferry Blast

Approximately a dozen people had been injured in a blast on a ferry in Myanmar’s commercial hub of Yangon on Sunday, the local media and a security source mentioned.

The blast had reportedly hit a passenger ferry crossing the Yangon river to the Dala close to 7 pm local time; a security source informed the AFP.

About 11 men were severely injured, the source reported.

About A Dozen Injured In Myanmar’s Ferry Blast
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Local media mentioned that 13 individuals were injured. Photographs published by the local press reflected blood and debris strewn across a wooden floor.

Myanmar has been undergoing turmoil since the country’s military seized power in a coup in 2021, with anti-coup rebels clashing with the junta troops across the country.

There are daily killings of anti-coup fighters or low-level junta officials, with details murky and reprisals following soon after.

In October 2022, two bombs (at least) exploded outside a prison based in Yangon, taking the lives of eight individuals and reportedly wounding 18 in an attack the junta reportedly ended up blaming on the “terrorist” anti-coup fighters.

In July 2022, a bomb blast at a shopping mall based in Yangon killed two and wounded at least 11.

References: Globe Echo, GMA Network

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