ABS Launches Custom Rule Book, First Development Of Its Kind In Classification

ABS has launched Custom Rule Book, a powerful new tool which allows users to create tailored ABS rule sets in moments, saving significant time.

In the first development of its kind in classification, ABS MyFreedomTM users can now quickly filter 140 rules and guides, 28,000 pages and 600 notations to generate a Custom Rule Book for their specific vessel or project. By simply inputting a vessel’s ABS class number or selecting six attributes, a custom collection of rules applicable to the vessel or project will be instantly created.

Custom Rule Book
Credits: ABS

The service is available to all users who are signed up on the ABS MyFreedomTM client portal.

“ABS is committed to offering the most advanced class services to support our clients’ operations, and the Custom Rule Book is the latest example of this. We are using technology to simplify and speed access to key information that will increase efficiency and make ABS even easier to work with,” said Dan Cronin, ABS Vice President, Class Standards.

“As more types of marine vessels are needed in the 21st century, the quantity and complexity of regulations continues to expand. The ABS Custom Rule Book helps shipyards streamline the regulatory process by forming a single document which captures the unique ABS Rules and optional notations applicable to each individual vessel.

The benefits to the ABS Custom Rule Book are clear, concise, and tracible requirements that correlate explicitly to the project stakeholder’s needs on design and survey,” said Rene J. Leonard, Conrad Shipyard Vice President for Engineering and Program Management.

Reference: ABS

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