ABS To Build Research Vessel With 75% Hydrogen Only Running Capacity

ABS Class has revealed that they are building a zero-emissions research vessel commissioned by the Scripps Institution Of Oceanography. The institute is part of the University Of California, San Diego.

The hydrogen vessel designed by Glosten will achieve zero emission operations by combining a diesel-electric power generator with hydrogen fuel cells. The ship will run on a new type of hybrid-hydrogen propulsion system. 

Hydrogen Research Vessel
Source: Glosten

Glosten has scaled the design to ensure that 75% of the ship’s voyage can be run solely on hydrogen, and the diesel generators will aid in the longer journeys.

The 150 ft long ship will harbour a state of art laboratories, sensing systems and advanced instruments. All this will help better understand the biological and physical aspects of coastal California and its oceans, allowing for multidisciplinary research.

ABS reiterated its commitment to better marine fuel technology, especially the development of hydrogen fuel, stressing the need for a better understanding of the oceans and giving the maritime industry insight into alternative marine fuels. 

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