African Migrants Stowed Away On A Vessel’s Rudder, Successfully Rescued By The Spanish Coastguard

Three migrants have been rescued who travelled to the Canary Islands from Nigeria, hanging on the rudder of a ship, which had reached the spot; Reuters informed and cited the Spanish coastguard.

A photograph of the apparent migrants was reportedly shared on Monday by the coastguard as they were observed balancing on the vessel’s rudder above the waterline.

The lower part of the gigantic oil and chemical tanker, dubbed the Alithini II, can be observed in the photograph’s background.

African Migrants Stowed Away On A Vessel’s Rudder
Image for representation purposes only.

Per Marine Traffic, a website dedicated to ship-tracking data, the tanker reached Las Palmas in Gran Canaria on Monday following an 11-day voyage from Lagos, based in Nigeria.

The coastguard further added on Twitter that the migrants had been taken into the port and attended to by health personnel.

The Canary Islands, owned by Spain, are one of the popular points of entry for African immigrants trying to enter Europe.

Per Spanish data, sea migration to the archipelago went up around 51% in the first five months of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021.

References: MSN, Reuters

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