APM Terminals Accelerates Truck Appointment System Roll Out

APM Terminals’ new Truck Appointment System, piloted earlier this year, is going global. Plans are afoot to roll this online service out further – reducing truck turn times, streamlining gate access and improving logistics planning worldwide.

The system, launched in Monrovia last year, has been rolled out to the West Africa Container Terminal in Onne, and APM Terminals Yucatan. The standardised industry-leading global solution means that further roll-out can progress quickly, using best-in-class technology. APM Terminals Algeciras and Bahrain are scheduled for the coming months, offering enormous benefits to customers.

Video Credits: APM Terminals / YouTube

DIY scheduling

The Truck Appointment System (TAS) enables customers to schedule their own container drop-off and pick-up times, helping logistics managers to identify quiet and peak moments using a ‘traffic light’ system for time slots for improved planning. In this way, they can avoid, as well as reduce queues. In addition, the system provides an overview of the maximum number of appointments per time slot – based on available resources at the terminal and customer demand – to smooth out traffic in and around the terminal.

By providing all required information in advance when making the appointment, truck access to the terminal is almost instant, and potential delays caused by missing or inaccurate paperwork can be a thing of the past.

Reduces wait-time

The system has reduced queues caused by ‘Covid catch up’ transport peaks and enables APM Terminals staff to better anticipate specific customer needs, readying containers for pick up and ensuring equipment and staff are available to meet demand. Communication is equally streamlined, leading to greater customer engagement.

Safer, faster

“The system is a direct response to Customer research. Innovation is an integral part of our strategy to become the world’s leading terminal company. TAS is a prime example of us listening to what is needed and creating a digital solution that works. It helps us to be more efficient and able to anticipate customer needs even better,” says Lucas Martins, Digital Product Manager at APM Terminals.

“A more even distribution of traffic leads to a safer and more efficient trucker experience, and less congestion in the yard”. Since loading slips are digitally connected to the truck appointment, entry to the terminal is also speeded up, and, with an appointment, loading is guaranteed.

No App required

The system is integrated on www.apmterminals.com, and optimised on all devices, including smartphones. A separate App is not required.

The success of TAS bodes well for implementation in other APM locations globally and paves the way for even greater consistency of service across the business.

“This is a global solution. We are investing to develop a customer-first, industry-leading solution that can be rapidly rolled out to other terminals. In the future, we can further enhance the system with APM Terminals-specific upgrades which will be automatically applied to other terminals,” concludes Lucas.

Reference: APM Terminals

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