Australia Gets Its Largest Subsea Robotics Facility

Advanced Navigation, a Sydney-based electronics manufacturer, has opened its largest subsea robotics hub in Balcatta, Western Australia.

Credit: Advanced Navigation/YouTube

Spanning 5.5 acres, the new high-tech facility is dedicated to developing and manufacturing the company’s underwater technologies, including 10,000 units of its autonomous underwater robot Hydrus.

CEO and Co-Founder Xavier Orr stated why the investment was made: “Our goal is to open up the earth’s oceans and make data and knowledge more accessible globally. Western Australia has always been a leader in ocean discoveries, and this new centre will allow us to meet the increasing demand for quality underwater data while bolstering our subsea team threefold.”

The facility has testing facilities ready for any marine simulation scenario and plans to explore artificial intelligence technology beneath the water.

Aside from the subsea centre, Advanced Navigation also has headquarters in Sydney as well as research hubs in Newcastle (quantum sensing), Canberra (photonic and laser technology) and Brisbane (aerial drone technology).

The business enjoys support from leading institutions such as UWA, Curtin University and Minderoo to help promote blue initiatives domestically and abroad.

Reference: Australian Manufacturing, Offshore Energy

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