Avenir Collaborate With Vitol For LNG Ship-To-Truck Loading Operations In Germany

A small-scale LNG firm named Avenir LNG has successfully carried out Germany’s first-ever direct LNG unloading mission into trucks from a transport vessel.

This operation reportedly was held on 22 and 23 February at the Port of Mukran, where the UK-based company’s LNG transport vessel named the Avenir Ascension reportedly unloaded LNG into the transport trucks provided by a global energy trader named the Vitol.

Then, the trucks also transported chilled fuel onward to the Europe-based truck fueling station network. The latter is operated and owned by Vitol’s subsidiary, ViGo Bioenergy GmbH.

LNG tanker
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The vessel was berthed for three days, with LNG unloading operations executed during this time. Avenir LNG mentioned that necessary preparations for the test operation were executed within weeks rather than the extended development phase required for larger and more permanent infrastructure like onshore terminals or the FSRUs.

Per the Avenir LNG, the mission had been prepared as a pilot assignment to demonstrate the viability of gearing up an energy supply chain for decentralized areas without needing large-scale terminal infrastructure and LNG unloading.

Last year, Avenir LNG, via its unit titled Avenir Marine, took part in the first-ever LNG and BioLNG delivery at Germany’s Port of Lübeck.

Coming to recent activities, the firm also carried out its first LNG ship-to-ship (STS) bunkering activity for the RoPax ferry Peter Pan with Germany-based ferry operator and owner dubbed the TT-Line.

On 19 December last year, the vessel also received LNG from one of Avenir’s small-scale bunker vessels named the Avenir Advantage at the Pengerang Anchorage in Malaysia.

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