Bangor Uni’s Prince Madog Vessel In A £5.5 Million Hydrogen Power Switch

A scientific research ship is expected to lower its carbon emissions by about 60% following a £5.5 million retrofit to operate on hydrogen power.

Prince Madog is reportedly co-owned by Bangor University. Researchers from all over the UK use it for research science purposes.

The two-year retrofit, deploying a hydrogen-electric hybrid propulsion system, is expected to be executed by 2025.

The UN group, International Maritime Organization, desires to ship emissions to drop 40% by 2030.

Madog Vessel
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Bangor University said it was the “biggest retrofit of its type till date”, running on a hydrogen propulsion system with a diesel-fuelled primary engine to facilitate zero emission operation at a slow speed or over short distances.
In normal operation, it will lower emissions by about 60%, it reported.

The 20-year-old vessel is mainly used in teaching trips with students from the School of Ocean Sciences and by other specialists.

The conversion will be led and delivered by a consortium spearheaded by OS Energy, which operates a fleet of offshore service ships, including the Prince Madog.

Other partners include organizations involved in green maritime technology and hydrogen systems, including the universities of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and Exeter.

Martin Nuernberg, OS Energy boss, mentioned that the assignment was a “testament to the commitment to innovation and environmental responsibilities and will demonstrate green technology application in the maritime industry”.

The money has come from £60 million in the Department for Transport funding for unique, clean, and advanced maritime technologies.

The Prince Madog will be receiving hydrogen from the Anglesey Holyhead Hydrogen Hub.

Councillor Nicola Roberts, the climate change portfolio holder for Anglesey Council, mentioned that the retrofit was a positive measure to developing a significantly low-carbon-based economy on the island.

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