Biggest-Ever Opium Seizure Carried Out By The Canada Border Agency At The Port Of Vancouver

The Canada Border Service Agency reported that a seizure of nearly 2,500 kilograms of opium at the Port of Vancouver is the greatest of the agency’s history.

The drugs had been discovered inside the footings of many blue shipping pallets. Per the CBSA, officers observed irregularities within the pallets, took X-ray technology’s help, and detected the drugs.

About 2,486 kgs of opium were found in 24/7 pallets. The RCMP estimates the value of the drug at over $50 million. The operation started on 25 October when the CBSA’s Metro Vancouver Marine Operations department examined goods found in 19 marine containers.

Opium Seizure
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Nina Patel, the regional director of CBSA, reported that the RCMP and the CBSA Intelligence Service had triggered the search. The interception of the shipment and such a record-breaking opium seizure reflects the CBSA’s commitment to keeping the communities safe.

The opium was reportedly turned over to RCMP Federal Serious and Organized Crime unit. No arrests have so far been made. Opium is collected from opium poppies’ immature seed pods. It might be used as a narcotic in raw or processed form to make heroin and other drugs.

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