BP Declares Force Majeure In Ceyhan After Control Room Damage 

On February 8, BP Azerbaijan announced that they declared force majeure in Ceyhan port of Turkey due to the devastating earthquake that rattled the country. The company is unable to proceed with the loading of Azeri crude. 

After the Ceyhan Marine Terminal (CMT) announced the suspension of services at the port, BP immediately issued a force majeure notice to all oil shippers. The company works in the Georgia and Azerbaijan sections of the Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline.

BP Azerbaijan Force Majeure
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Azerbaijan uses Ceyhan for crude oil trade, with an estimated 650,000 barrels of oil going out every day.

Earlier, the authorities had said that the Ceyhan would be operational by February 8 or 9, but they have discovered that the control room has been damaged. So the exact date of commencement of operations remains uncertain.

References: Reuters, Oil Price


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