Breezemarine Group Becomes Representative For Farad S.A. Heat Exchangers

Breezemarine Group has recently gained official dealership rights for FARAD S.A.’s maritime equipment. The company can now offer tubular and gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers to clients in several countries, such as the Baltics, the Netherlands, Poland, Finland, Norway, and Bulgaria.

The acquisition of FARAD S.A. dealership rights is a significant milestone for the company and a great opportunity for customers to access high-quality equipment that meets their industry needs.

Breezemarine Group has been recognized as a top-notch European provider of maritime products, services, installations, and repairs.

Breezemarine Group Becomes Representative For Farad S.A. Heat Exchangers

FARAD S.A has made a name for itself in the maritime industry as a reputable brand. Their area of expertise lies in the production of:

  • box coolers
  • cargo condensers
  • charge air coolers
  • COPT condensers
  • DEX evaporators.

In addition, FARAD S.A line also spans:

  • electric heaters
  • FC condensers
  • fresh water generators
  • gasketed plate heat exchanges
  • HVAC air coolers
  • water-oil coolers
  • LNG-LPG vaporizers
  • MGO coolers
  • MGO cooling units
  • tank cleaning heaters

Breezemarine Group and Farad S.A. Heat Exchangers

FARAD S.A has a strong emphasis on utilizing advanced technology to deliver a distinctive quality-value proposition to their clients. Additionally, their products are made from top-of-the-line European raw materials and are backed by a two-year warranty. Lifetime technical support and necessary inspections to ensure proper functionality are also provided by FARAD S.A.

Moreover, they offer training for equipment operators, technical reporting, documentation, and efficient delivery times, which align with the Breezemarine Group’s approach to enhancing efficiency in the maritime industry.

FARAD S.A uses 3D modeling to anticipate and prevent possible installation problems, and they perform a 12-point Quality Control Checklist for each of their products, including reducing product footprints.

Breezemarine Group, as the authorized distributor, guarantees its customers that they will receive superior and personalized service when purchasing FARAD S.A. parts.

Breezemarine Group is expanding its reach in the maritime sector, including with these superior products that complement their range of eco-friendly solutions for ship owners.

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