Bulgaria Shuts Its River And Sea Ports To Russian Vessels

Bulgaria has made a decision to close its ports to ships that boast a certificate from Russia’s Maritime Register of Shipping. This was reported by Ukrinform.

Russian Vessels
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From April 8, total access to the Bulgarian Sea as well as its river ports, is prohibited for vessels, regardless of the flag they sail with, which are certified by Russia’s Maritime Register of Shipping, per the statement.

The decision was made per the EU’s directive of implementing sanctions.

The government of Bulgaria bans to enter Russia’s vessels into the ports of the nation on 17 April 2022. The measure had been envisaged by the fifth set of European sanctions.

Now the ban has been extended to Russia’s vessels that fly flags of other nations.

Per Ukrinform’s report, the Norwegian government has successfully introduced a brand new package of sanctions against Russia as well as its regime.

Reference: Firstpost, Ukrinform

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