Bulk Carrier Refloated After It Ran Aground In Suez Canal

A big vessel has reportedly been refloated after it ran aground in the Suez Canal and briefly disrupted traffic in the waterway vital for global trade, per Leth Agencies.

The M/V Glory is floating once again. About 20 vessels that had been stopped from moving south via the canal will resume voyages with slight delays, Leth, which offers services to ships passing via the Suez, clarified in a statement.

MV Glory
Image for representation purposes only.

The vessel is a bulk carrier that transports unpackaged cargo like grains. It is more than half the length of the Ever Given, the huge vessel blocking the Suez back in 2021. The Ever Given was partly stuck as its size was more than the canal’s width.

The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) mentioned that navigation in the waterway would soon return to normal.

It was not immediately understood what had caused the most recent incident.

The M/V Glory measures approximately 225 meters in length, per the website of Greek operator Target Marine SA. The canal measures about 300 meters in width.

References: CNBC, Hindustan Times

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