Captain And First Mate Of Damaged Cargo Ship ‘Julietta D’ Arrested For Abandoning It

The ship captain and chief mate of the cargo ship ‘Julietta D’ (that ran adrift on Monday), are arrested because they possibly abandoned it prematurely. This was announced by a National Unit spokesperson.

The anchor of Julietta D could not hold up any longer due to the terrific stormy weather. Soon after, the ship encountered a collision with a tanker vessel in an anchorage area close to IJmuiden.

Following the accident, Julietta D started taking on water. Naturally, its 18-member crew had to be taken off the board.

Julietta D's Damage
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Typically, a ship’s captain and first mate have to be on a ship unless strictly necessary, for instance, if there are immediate threats to their lives. The maritime police are currently trying to find out whether their leaving the ship is justified.

Around Monday evening, a tugboat named Sovereign could establish a towage link to the freighter. There was another attempt to make a second tow connection toward the ship’s rear, but it broke.

Julietta D's hull Damage
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On Tuesday morning, three more individuals were brought by helicopter for repairing the broken second towage connection, after which the action could start.

Those in the rescue mission had to do their jobs under extreme conditions on Monday owing to the ongoing storm Corrie. An individual on Sovereign, the tugboat, suffered some minor injuries. Another person on board a lifeboat was injured slightly.


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