Chief Of European Council Backs Moves On the Seafarers’ Audit

Charles Michel, the President of the European Council, has reportedly expressed support for the nation’s bid to address issues encountering the maritime industry of the Philippines.

Cheloy Velicaria-Garafil, the undersecretary, mentioned that this was among the problems President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. reportedly discussed with Michel in a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations-European Union Commemorative Summit.

Garafil, however, did not elaborate on the support. The European Council reportedly supervises the European Maritime Safety Agency, which has complained repeatedly in the past 16 years regarding concerns about the training of Filipino seafarers.


European council president
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 On Sunday night, Marcos informed the reporters that the government was doing all that it could so that the Philippines would pass the evaluation conducted by European Maritime Safety Agency.

The President said that it is not something that can be debated. It needs to be complied with so that accreditation is received. It is not discretionary.

At a press briefing, Martin Romualdez, the Speaker, said that a sense of urgency had surfaced on the passage of the proposed Maritime Education and Training Act that seeks to push for an advanced maritime education and training regime and support the requirements of maritime professionals and students.

On Tuesday, Marcos reportedly ordered the creation of an advisory council to avert potential job losses of Filipino seafarers on EU-flagged vessels and to address the concerns of nearly 600,000 Filipino seafarers worldwide.

Romualdez also said the President would likely attend the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2023 (January), which would be a wonderful opportunity to invite investors to the nation.

The Speaker said that the President was invited by the founder of the forum Professor Klaus Schwab who spoke with Romualdez at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit, based in Cambodia, last November. 

Romualdez quoted Schwab that the growth numbers are positive, and they would want to hear the Philippines’ story when in Davos.

The Speaker also added that he was excited to hear the President discuss the proposed Maharlika Investment Fund in Davos, where business investors will also be present.

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