China’s First 10,000 Ton Cable-Laying Vessel Unveiled

China’s first-ever submarine communications cable-laying ship was introduced on Wednesday in Jiujiang City, which is in Jiangxi Province.

The 10,000-ton vessel, Longyin No. 9 makes use of electric propulsion and dynamic positioning systems. It is expected to be used for cable-laying purposes, burial, and maintenance activities.

Cable-Laying Vessel
Credit: @CGTNOfficial/Twitter

It is also said that the vessel’s cable-laying system, electric propulsion system, and handling equipment have recognized key technology patents.

The 155-meter vessel boasts a maximum speed of 15 knots. It also has 60 days of endurance to carry out sustainable missions. It can be loaded with about 10,000 tons of cables and is also capable of laying cables in one go, across the Pacific Ocean from China.

The vessel has reportedly been certified by the China Classification Society, per a report shared on its WeChat account.

It is further expected to be operational in September post-outfitting.

Reference: CGTN, ECNS

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