Cocaine Worth $315 Million Found Floating In Remote Pacific By New Zealand

On Wednesday, February 8, New Zealand authorities declared through a news release that they had found three and a half tons of cocaine floating in the remote Pacific Ocean. This was the biggest drug bust in New Zealand and dealt a severe blow to South American producers and distributors.

Cocaine Floating In The Pacific

The shipment of cocaine is worth more than $315 million and has been left at the floating drop point by the smugglers. So far, no one has been arrested.

The cocaine shipment was divided into 81 bales which could mean that they were on the way to Australia. One of the Royal New Zealand Navy ships seized the illegal drugs and took them back to New Zealand to destroy them. This was part of Operation Hydros that the navy launched in December last year. 

The authorities plan to go on monitoring suspicious ships and will investigate this case.

References: USA Today, CNN

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