Corsica Ferries To Reduce Fuel Usage With Next-Gen Neoline Ro-Ro Cargo Vessel

The French Ferry group, Corsica Ferries, revealed that they are investing in a wind-powered cargo ship company Neoline Amateur to cut down the fuel cost and be more energy efficient. 

The move attempts to reduce fuel usage by 80% by using 136 m cargo ships instead of ro-ro vessels. The first Neoliner ro-ro vessel will be co-financed by Corsica Ferries, which has bought stakes in NeoLine. 

The Mediterranean company has been looking for ways to reduce its environmental footprint by lowering ship speed, eco-navigating, and using lighter fuels and particle filters. They have already implemented a carbon emission compensation plan in Amazon and Corsica by reforestation and have optimized crossings. 

Corsica Ferries Ro Ro Vessel
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Their commitment to green marine policy is visible in the abolition of onboard plastic usage, quayside electrification and use of low sulfur fuel, and short-distance supply. 

Earlier, they partnered with the Sunrhyse project to generate fuel cells from green hydrogen at the Brégaillon port, along with quayside electrification, as part of their decarbonizing plan. 

The President of Corsica Ferries, Pierre Mattei, reiterated this commitment when he said they are backing carbon alternative fossil fuel solutions like green hydrogen and wind-powered propulsion as a responsible shipowner. 

The President of Neoline Développement, Jean Zanuttini, revealed that the first ro-ro vessel would showcase the importance of diesel propulsion as seen from the growing interest towards it. 

The first Neoliner would be fitted with 75m solid sail rig masts and 3000 square meters rigid sails made by the French shipbuilder Chantiers de l’Atlantique. With this, the rig is empowered to orient itself to 360° and is automatically controlled.

The cargo ship’s first journey will be from St Nazaire to Halifax in Canada and Baltimore in the USA. It will pass Miquelon and St Pierre on its way to Baltimore. 

Several shippers like Michelin, Renault, Manitou, Beneteau, Clarins etc., have committed to the new line of vessels optimized for saving time and energy with a designated 11 knots speed. 

It will have the capacity to carry 265 containers having the ability to hold goods of 5000 tons or 400 cars in its 1200 linear meters capacity. 

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