Crew Extinguishes Fire On An Oil Tanker In The Gulf Of Finland

On Thursday, Estonian and Finnish rescue officials mentioned that an oil tanker reportedly caught fire in the Gulf of Finland. The crew members, however, successfully extinguish the raging flames.

The incident involved the crude oil vessel, Alexia, which measures 250-meters in length. It is about 18 kilometres toward the south of the Finland-based peninsula in Porkkala, per reports from the Helsinki Sea Rescue Command Center.

Fire On An Oil Tanker
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Tago Trei, the chief of operations associated with the Police and Border Guard Board of Estonia that had been taking the lead in the process, mentioned that the fire was successfully put out; however, relevant officials continued to examine to ensure that there were no other risks.

Luckily, those who were on board were capable of putting out the fire before the arrival of further assistance, preventing any harm to lives and health, Trei said, per a report from the Baltic News Service.

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