Crew From Bangladeshi Vessel ‘MV Banglar Samriddhi’ Rescued With 1 Loss Of Life [Videos]

A Bangladeshi sailor has been killed on board ‘Banglar Samriddhi’, a Bangladesh Shipping Corporation’s ship, which is stranded at the Olvia seaport, was attacked by a missile in Ukraine. Hadisur Rahman, the victim, was employed as the third engineer on the BSC ship. Bulk carrier Banglar Samriddhi with 29 sailors on it has been stranded in Ukraine’s Olvia port since Russia invaded the country.

BSC’s managing director, Commodore Suman Mahmud Sabbir, on Wednesday around midnight informed that a shell had struck the vessel. It detonated on the ship’s bridge, where Hadisur Rahman was then on duty, and it killed him. The remaining 28 members are currently unharmed and the fire was put out.

On 27 Feb, BSC’s Captain Mujibur Rahman, the General Manager, had informed bdnews24 that the vessel would be able to start its journey in two days once the channel was cleared.

Vessel Damage by Missile Attack (Videos)

The vessel was supposed to pick up essential items from the port, however, given the situation, the shipment needed to be canceled. The ship was safely docked until that day, and sailors were safe and had plenty of food and water to satisfy their needs.

Banglar Samriddhi had reached the Ukrainian port Olvia on 23 to February load ball clay. But because of unnecessary delay in receiving port clearance, the vessel failed to leave and ended up being stranded as operations in the port were halted following the Russian invasion. Three video recordings have been making the rounds on various social media platforms.

One of them shows Banglar Samriddhi crew members trying to douse the fire on the bridge. Another clip, apparently shot by a Ukrainian, covers a vessel with its bridge on fire. Smoke is seen to be spewing out. In 2018, MV Banglar Samriddhi had been assigned to the BSC fleet.

Plea Of Crew Onboard

Rescued At Last

According to the last update received, the remaining crew of MV BANGLAR SAMRIDDHI has been rescued safely.

bangladesh maritime association - MV BANGLAR SAMRIDDHI crew
Image Credits: Bangladesh Merchant Marine Officers’ Association

The vessel has been left abandoned, in the damaged state from a missile attack (as visible in videos above).



29-Member Bulk Carrier Crew Stranded At Ukrainian Port

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