Egypt Exempts Suez Canal Crossing Fees For Ship Rescuing Yemen’s Oil Tanker

On Sunday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared that the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) had exempted the rescue vessel heading to Yemen to carry the salvage of FSO Safer, the ageing oil tanker, from the crossing fare.

Alaa Mousa, the Assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Arab Affairs, reportedly met early in April 2023 with David Gressly, the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen, during the latter’s visit to Cairo.

Suez Canal
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The meeting tackled the latest international endeavours to expedite the salvage of the ageing FSO Safer. The tanker has been moored off Yemen’s west coast for over three decades now and hasn’t been maintained adequately since the eruption of the civil war in the nation, which further puts it at risk of falling apart.

In a related context, Mousa shed some light on the Egyptian efforts targeted to support Yemen and Yemenis. That is in addition to the services provided to Yemenis in Egypt and the medical and humanitarian aid shared with the most hostile zones of the country.

Gressly valued the role of Egypt aimed at establishing peace in Yemen and ending the suffering of the people, affirming more keenness on coordinating the UN’s humanitarian activities with Egypt in Yemen.

References: Egypt Today, bnn

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