Energy Observer To Present A New Zero-Emission Cargo Ship Concept

After 48,000 nautical miles sailed by the laboratory catamaran around the globe, with over sixty stopovers and demonstrations in more than 30 countries, crossings of the Mediterranean, the Baltic, the Atlantic and the Pacific.

After achieving a series of world firsts, such as the boarding of a complete hydrogen production chain based on seawater electrolysis, the integration of a marinized fuel cell of great diffusion, the certification of the first mass-produced boat powered by hydrogen, the development of OceanWings®, the reaching of Spitsbergen without fossil fuels and the illumination of the Eiffel Tower with renewable hydrogen.

After having raised awareness by welcoming thousands of schoolchildren and students, the public, industrial actors, as well as the Secretary-General and experts of the International Maritime Organization, Irena, the European Commission, members of the European, French and Californian governments.

New Zero-Emission Cargo Ship Concept
Image Credits: Energy Observer Productions – Fitzgerald Jego

After having developed with EODev and Toyota Motor Europe accessible energy solutions using hydrogen, distributed worldwide for outdoor and maritime applications, bringing clean energy to the most important events, as well as to the most isolated sites.

Energy Observer, with its unique experiences, expertise, and the support of its partners, aware of the climate emergency that led the IMO to set ambitious goals, launches the development of a multipurpose cargo ship, likely the most common ship in the world’s commercial fleet, to optimize transport decarbonization.

New Zero-Emission Cargo Ship Concept
Image Credits: Energy Observer Productions – Antoine Drancey

Combining disruptive technologies, made reliable but never before assembled on a ship with such high power: the process is the same as for the first Energy Observer vessel. This new demonstrator ship, designed with leading industrial players in the energy and transport sectors, aims to accelerate concretely and radically the essential energy transition in maritime transport.

Speaking at the One Ocean Summit during the “Greening maritime corridors: from R&D to Zero-emission ships” forum on February 10th, Victorien Erussard will present the features, performances and technological options chosen for this new zero-emission laboratory ship: Energy Observer 2.

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