Farmer In India Is Building A Ship-Shaped House For 13 Years

Mintu Roy, hailing from North 24 Parganas’s Hellencha district, moved to Siliguri’s Fasidawa roughly 20-25 years ago and later to Kolkata, where he began dreaming of constructing a ship-shaped house.

Credit: News18 Bangla/YouTube

His ambition was met with numerous rejections from engineers who didn’t share his vision; however, Mintu was determined to realize his dream.

In 2010, he started building the majestic residence himself. After 13 long years, it is still under development, and Mintu hopes to complete it in 2024.

For the duration of the build, he faced financial difficulties and had to travel to Nepal for three years to become skilled enough at masonry to save money on labour costs. Nevertheless, Mintu has never given up on his ideal home.

Mintu saved up for his project by cultivating and selling crops at the market, which he estimates has cost him around Rs 15 lakhs. The house is quite big, measuring 39 feet in length and 13 feet in width, and standing tall at 30 feet.

All of this sits upon 9.5 decimal acres of land. Mintu said he plans to complete the work by next year and then open a restaurant on the top floor to earn more income. He intends to honour his mother by giving his mansion her name.

Reference: News18, Times Now

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