First Ever China Built Cruise Ship Up For Trials

In a first, China is launching their first large cruise ship H1508 in 2023, intending to make themselves more self-reliant in manufacturing. The vessel will be afloat by May this year. They have been working on it since October 2019.

Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding, the manufacturer of the ship, revealed that they would start the sea trials for the cruise ship in July and by the end of 2023, it will be named and delivered. So far, the company hasn’t revealed anything about the ship’s destination of travel and the cruise company that’s buying it. 

At present, 87% of the cruise ship has been built. According to an estimate by China State Shipbuilding, building this ship needed 13 times more parts than required for building a Fuxing high-speed train and five times more than the C919 Chinese passenger aircraft.

First Cruise Ship, China
Source: South China Morning Post/YouTube

The cable layout of the ship runs for 4200km. It required 20 times more working hours to build this than Capesize ships. They made the 2nd largest cruise in August, which is scheduled for delivery in 2025.

This will start a new era in China’s shipbuilding industry and highlight its advanced manufacturing potential. With this, China will be venturing into the cruise ship market, the only high-value-added ships sector they are yet to conquer. 

So far, giant cruise ships worldwide are made by South Korea and Europe and are owned by Costa Cruises and the Royal Caribbean.

References: South China Morning Post, Flipboard


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