Fish Reported As Cause Of Several Deaths On A COSCO Ship

Vietnamese media has been reporting that fish was most likely the cause behind severe food poisoning on Wu Zhou 8, the COSCO Shipping’s bulk carrier, which reportedly claimed the lives of at least 12 crew members, with unconfirmed reports suggesting that one more individual, has also lost his life.

While sailing to China from Thailand, the Chinese-flagged bulker sought emergency medical assistance last Friday after its 21-member-crew fell ill approximately 63 miles toward the southeast of Con Dao Island.

Vietnamese authorities released helicopters to bring victims to a hospital onshore, leaving the vessel without any crew members onboard. Still, ten crew members were dead when the rescue team arrived. Two more passed away on their way to a hospital on the Con Dao island.

Contaminated Fish
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One of the interviewed saved crew members reportedly mentioned that the crew members feasted on Chinese canned and duck meat the day before. On Friday evening, the crew members had vegetables and fish, with several experiencing vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhoea.

Some individuals developed the condition, but some did not show any signs of instability until later that night, the crew member was quoted as saying.

Food safety training remains largely inadequate among the global merchant fleet, per David Steele, founder of Food Inspection and Training. He informed Splash of the abovementioned statement and further highlighted how Chinese firms didn’t tend to spend sufficient time on the problem.

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