Floating Bridge Vessel With 100 People Stuck In Chilika Lake

Recurring incidents of floating bridge vessels or a Bhasa Polas finding them stuck in the Chilika Lake have become a matter of concern. 

This time about 100 individuals, two buses, and several other vehicles had been stranded when the floating bridge vessel encountered a technical snag in its journey from Satpada to Janhikuda on Sunday.

Floating Bridge Vessel, Chilka
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Per reports, efforts are ongoing to rescue stranded passengers on the floating bridge vessel.

On 14 January, a passenger boat with about 20 devotees was on its way to Maa Kalijai shrine when it was stuck midway in Chilika Lake owing to dense fog. 

This compelled the local administration to suspend boat services temporarily in Chilika Lake till the fog subsided.

Besides, it’s not the only time a floating bridge vessel has gotten stranded in the waters of Chilika Lake. 

Almost 60 passengers were stranded in the middle of the Chilika lake when a floating bridge vessel ferrying was stuck owing to a technical snag in July 2022.

References: TOI, Statesman, The Print

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