Footage Of A Ship Trying To Survive Huge Waves In The Atlantic Is Viral

Traveling on a ship and encountering a turbulent sea needs indomitable strength and courage. In such a spirit, when waves were lashing violently, a sailor stood firm and stood his ground, showing a nerve-wracking video now viral on social media.

The clip shared by a Twitter handle named Wow Terrifying reflects the sailor in protective gear standing on what appears to be the side deck of the ship. The clip also shows the vessel sailing ahead amid solid waves and the water heavily splashing on the sailor. Sea water can be seen entering what appears to be the deck, but the sailor is still standing his ground.

The video has had over 4.2 million views since it was shared on Friday. However, the location or area from where the undated clip had been captured remains unknown.

Netizens are terrified on watching this clip. Even though the clip lacks audio, one can feel the incredible ordeal that the guests must have gone through. What happened to the vessel eventually is not shown in this clip.

Many claimed the video was not real. Following the viral video, social media users were left shaken. Some, however, had different
thoughts. A user has reportedly tweeted that the video is morphed and labeled it fake.

One user claimed that in 1993, waves outside Daytona Beach touched 27 meters, the greatest height ever recorded.

The authenticity of the viral video could not be verified yet. Many mournfully recall the tragedy of the Andrea Gail, the vessel that went down in an intense storm in 1991. The ship’s crew, the captain, and six fishermen perished.

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