G3 Systems Supports Navypods With Containerized Solutions

G3 Systems Limited has – working with QinetiQ – delivered four systems (deployable containerized solutions) to support the Royal Navy Persistent Operational Deployable Systems (NavyPODS) required to transport and control the new heavy-lift drone capability in a record time of 12 weeks.

G3 Systems Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of IAP WWS Inc., has over 20 years of operationally proven history in designing and building deployable containerized solutions, delivering critical operational infrastructure, and providing facilities support in austere locations. NavyPODS are interchangeable modules that can be fitted to the surface fleet.

G3 Systems
Credits: Naval News

Using a shipping container as the transport medium, NavyPODS delivers the concept of a ‘plug and play’ warship and enables Royal Navy ships of all sizes to be more adaptable and versatile when deployed. By combining NavyPODS and surface platforms, the greater operational effect will be achieved by being interchangeable, interconnected, and integrated allowing the Royal Navy to rapidly respond to a variety of taskings. The heavy-lift drone capability is a key building block of this concept and G3 Systems provided the deployable containerized solution to transport, control, and maintain these drones.

G3 Systems have vast experience and expertise in designing, building, and supporting such high specification, bespoke, deployable containerized solutions. This project required all the ingenuity, agility, and purpose G3 Systems are famous for, to work closely with the customer, QinetiQ, and various suppliers to integrate the rapidly changing requirements and still deliver against such short timelines.

A normal project of this scale would take 16 to 20 weeks, but by drawing on past experience, standardized proven solutions, and the knowledge gained during the Royal Navy Forward Support Units (FSU) refurbishment program, it was possible to deliver all four systems with three separate designs within 12 weeks, which is a new record for the company on such a complex project. It clearly demonstrates G3 System’s flexible and agile approach to design, and its ability to quickly ramp up capacity to meet challenging deadlines.

“We are very pleased with the outcome of this exciting project with the Royal Navy. Over 20 years we have become experts in designing and building complex containerized solutions, and the Royal Navy has seized on this concept for both FSUs and PODs to maximize their flexibility and response time. I am very proud of the G3 team that we were able to mirror this concept and deliver a high-quality sustainable, flexible product in record time.” – Mike Puckett, Managing Director at G3 Systems Limited

G3 Systems will be available at DVD 22 to discuss this project, and all their capabilities, on stand C4-401, at UTAC Millbrook, Bedfordshire 21/22 September 2022.

Reference: Naval News

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